I am originally from Northern Ireland but have spent the majority of my life as an expat living and working outside of Ireland.  I joined the Navy as 16 year old having passed the equivalency tests to allow me to join as a Marine engineer. There I attended a BTec national Diploma in Marine engineering specialising as a fitter and turner.  Whilst in the Navy I competed in multiple sports and my love of sport has carried over to this very day. Upon leaving the Navy I moved to London and in 1998 came to NZ to play rugby and travel.  Whilst in New Zealand I worked in the Saw Mill as a grader and a Machinist. This also gave me the chance to play rugby and experience a lifestyle that I would fall in love with.  In 1999 I returned to London and took a job as CNC stone cutter at a high end marble and granite works and moved to the position of production manager by 2002 when I returned to NZ to start a family.

Upon returning to New Zealand I built my own house under the watchful eye of my Father inlaw Richard Simpson of RESCO Builders.  This gave me my first taste of building in New Zealand which I loved due to the many skill sets that you must possess. After completing the house I began work with Justin Barrett Builders and built my first few architecture homes, which I absolutely loved.  

I then moved to Rod Percival Builders where I first met Richard and Dan as co-workers.  I then moved to Keith Nightingale Builders who then contracted to HAMR Homes.  So the transition to work for HAMR Homes was seamless as Richard gives us the time, the space and the leeway to work as craftsmen when required which results in great work satisfaction for myself and a great outcome for the client.  As my Father told me when I was very young, if I do a job I love I will never have to work a day in my life.