Centennial Drive Two

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Architect: Page Henderson Architecture
Wow, what can we say, how fantastic that our house has taken both awards at the Master Builders House of the Year 2014, both the Regional and the National. We just want to say how appreciative we are of the effort you put into building us such a beautiful home and for making the whole building process such an enjoyable experience. You took ownership and your enthusiasm from the time you received our plans, to the day you handed over the keys never faltered. Your input into ways to build our home within our budget, without compromising the quality of the build was really appreciated. The fact that we did not live in Whitianga was never an issue. You kept us well informed on all facets of the build, and finished our home within the allocated time frame. To carry on running our business in Rotorua with only 4-6 weekly site visits was an added bonus. To your team, Neil, Dan and Karl and all your subcontractors that built us our home, our dream is now reality and we love it, thank you all so much for a job well done.
Shirley and Allan Springer

This dream home truly stands out from the crowd, with its head in the clouds and a captivating presence. Its location on Centennial Hill allows it to dominate the surrounding landscape, making it a sight to behold.

The architectural design of this home is simply stunning, combining cedar and concrete block in a careful and precise manner. This combination of materials not only adds visual appeal, but also ensures durability and longevity for the home.

Every aspect of this home has been crafted with precision, reflecting the attention to detail put into its design and construction. From the layout to the finishes, everything has been carefully considered to create a harmonious and luxurious living space. It's safe to say that living in this beautiful dream home would be a truly exceptional experience, with breathtaking views and a design that stands out among the rest.

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