Hi I'm Dan, born and bred in Whitianga.  It's my home, I love it.  Building seems to run in the family as, though I never meet him, my Granddad was a builder and helped to build homes in this area.

My love of building started in the woodwork room at Mercury Bay Area School and from there at 17yrs of age I was lucky enough to land an apprenticeship with Master Builder Rod Percival.  That's where I meet Richard Warwick, one of the Foreman I worked with and learnt from.

A couple of years after qualifying I headed off on my big OE spending a year doing form work in Perth before heading off to England where I continued with building work in between travelling around Europe.

But home is where the heart is and so I'm back, back working with Richard, Hannah and the team and excited about where the company is headed.

On a more personal level, I love hunting, fishing, golf, rugby and a multitude of other things and look forward to designing and building a home of my own together with my partner in the near future.